Hair Extensions

A3_1A3_5A revolution in the hairdressing industry is born. First there was colouring, styling, curling and cutting. Now Balmain Hair introduces Hair+: professional solutions for everyday clients with everyday hair problems. Many women cope daily with hair challenges such as fine ends or thinning hair.

Beautiful voluminous healthy shiny hair seems to be unreachable. Thanks to Balmain Hair these women can get any desired look with the Hair+ program! Hair+ provides solution services to common hair problems, to really solve these problems. Both stylist and clients are no longer limited. With the Hair+ services beautiful hair is accessible for everyone, not just the happy few!

Ashley McMillan
South Clerk Street

At Paterson SA we pride ourselves in using excellent quality hair to add colour, make hair fuller and thicker, to add dramatic length or to change a hair style completely by adding rather than removing hair – balmain hair is 100% human hair which can be reused making it great value for money as well as great quality.

To organise a complimentary hair extension consultation with one of our experts please contact any of our three salons.