About Our Academy

Based at our South Clerk Street Salon, Paterson SA Academy provides private courses in an interactive learning environment with hands-on workshops, theory and demonstrations. With constant personal monitoring and guidance we will ensure you reach your learning goals – with course structures beneficial to everyone within the hairdressing industry who would like to increase their skills, to anyone who has been away from the industry and would like to come back to it, and to everyone who would like to pursue a successful career in hairdressing.


Eireann & Alex

I have always been really interested in hair and the latest fashions and trends, so training to be a hairdresser lets me do this everyday.  I also love making people happy! Once a week I go to the academy for training where I run appointments for cut and for colour under the supervision of the training team.  The one to one training we get really boosts my confidence and improves my skills.
Alex Friel

The training we get is amazing, we are taught to a really high standard and get shown how to run our appointments well.  I love to make my clients happy by giving them a great cut with the help of my trainers.
Eireann McIntyre

Assistant Gallery

Each year our assistants produce a collection from mood board planning, make-up , hair cut, colour, styling the hair to photo finish, clothes styling and directing the shoot, building confidence in their craft through a fun exercise is the goal.